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Fed up of feeling stuck? Gay can help you to let go of the blocks, access your own inner wisdom and take charge of your life!

About Me

I work with people who are fed up with feeling stuck because they are not experiencing the growth they desire. My clients are often in business and find that, too, is languishing. They feel out of balance and out of sync with themselves and others. They have often tried everything they know to make it different but it’s not working.

I help them to clear the blocks and create the breakthroughs they need to lean into life and love it!

My clients become really comfortable with who they are and as a result express themselves better, improve their relationships and cope more easily with the ups and downs of life. They get really clear and focused about where they are going so they can Create the Life, and the Business they know will support them.

Click here to sign up for my free eBook Create Your Life. In it you will find the four steps to letting go of the old and Creating the Life you Want to Live and as a bonus in the second section Grow your Business, Create your Life, you can learn about the three stages of business growth and the common pitfalls that could be stopping your business – or your business to be – from fulfilling its

Benefits Of My Services

I empower my clients with:

1. Practical Tools and strategies that enable them to be in charge.

2. Body and Mind support through Brain Gym® and Educational Kinesiology – enabling them to change the way they think and do things.

3. Metaphysical support with Transformational Kinesiology – offering them the skills to become present in the moment and able to make the choices to consciously evolve.

I have been helping people live more joyfully, transforming their life for nearly 20 years. I help my clients to see possibilities, set goals and make the changes they need to Create the Life they Want to Live.

My clients report a whole new lease on life. Kids comment on how much happier they are - they have more friends, make better grades and are less scared of life. Adults achieve a sense of peace and happiness within themselves that they often have never before experienced.

My mentoring clients find their businesses blossom and unexpected possibilities emerge.

To find out more about my services read on – or have a look at my website

I am available on Monday to Wednesday till late each week and alternative Fridays and Saturdays.

Feel free to contact me to discuss your situation, for more information or
to book on 0418 795 135.

KINESIOLOGY SERVICES - for Adults & Children

I was fortunate to find kinesiology in 1993 and have been using it both personally and professional ever since. It has transformed my life and the lives of my children, one of whom was experiencing severe learning challenges. All my services combine kinesiology with strategies and processes that help you to understand who you are and how to make the changes you want in your life.

Some of the areas I have had great success include:
  • Grief and depression
  • Stress, anxiety and panic attacks
  • Eating disorders and weight issues
  • Negative behaviour patterns
  • Auto immune disorders
  • Pain management, including migraine relief and chronic back and neck pain
  • Self-esteem development
  • Identity issues and Coming Out
  • Communication issues – with self and others, including creating a stronger spiritual connection
  • Relationship and separation issues, including unconventional relationships
  • Learning challenges and study skills – for people of all ages
  • Developmental delays, including hand-eye coordination, visual difficulties, auditory processing concerns, co-ordination, low muscle tone, bed wetting, etc.

"Gay has helped me work through and in some cases identify, parts of my thinking that needed to be re-framed and healed. While she has the capacity to switch from science, to philosophy, to psychology, metaphysics etc., the actual process is non-invasive and comfortable - healing.

I have experienced a very gentle unfolding of my personal journey to increased awareness, success and health, through Gay's wisdom and guidance. When asked by others, I am still hard pressed to come up with an elevator speech re how Gay does what she does, so will summarise it as an unexpected and welcome set of gifts that she has developed over time and shares!'"

- Rebekah Price

My Services Include:

Private Kinesiology Sessions

These sessions are perfect to help you gain clarity or to help you work through a particular issue. We will spend time talking about what is bothering you and create a focus for the session, one that will help you to get un-stuck and help you to create the life you want to live. We then use the wisdom of your body, via muscle testing, to determine the best way to integrate that into your mind body and spirit.

I recommend 1.5 hours for adults and 1 hour for children.

Learn Smart Program - for Adults & Children wanting to improve their learning skills

This program develops the skills, strategies and self confidence to learn more effectively over the course of 10 private sessions. Based on Brain Gym and with the addition of study skill development and coaching, it is extremely effective for adults or children who experiencing difficulties learning.

It improves listening and reading skills, writing and comprehension, coordination and cooperation. Children and adults emerge from this program with the confidence to take the risks required to learn.

Each session is up to an hour long and is suitable for both adults and children.

Create Your Life - for those wanting accountability with their change

There are times when you need to re-discover who you are; to sort out your priorities and your goals, make decisions and take action. There are also times when you need someone to help make this happen.

Someone to help you open to new possibilities, find goals that make your heart sing and support you in creating them. Someone who can hold the space for change and will hold you accountable for what needs to be done.

This service is a monthly commitment to yourself and will suit those ready to transform one or more parts of their life. This program offers the ultimate in support through personal consultations, phone and email support.

Marketing & Business Mentoring Program - for business owners

I understand how hard it can be to market yourself and your business in a way that is congruent with who you are. As a certified Action Plan Marketing Coach I can offer you a highly effective, cost efficient program that gives you proven system to increase your clients and grow your business into profitability.

I work with practitioners and other service providers who get great results but are not getting all the clients they need. I help them gain clarity and build the structure to create the business, lifestyle and income they want.


What is Kinesiology?

Kinesiology uses the bio-science of muscle testing to determine the underlying causes of dysfunction, disease and limiting behavour. The results permanently increase the repetoire of life choices.

Kinesiology will ensure positive change in almost any area of life. My practice specialises in relationship and communication skills, emotional distress, self-esteem issues and learning difficulties. It also offer an effective way to cope with life changes, dis-ease and conscious growth.

How Does Kinesiology Work?

Using various techniques, Gay helps clients let go of the past and replace the old harmful habits which are actively blocking their life from unfolding how they want it to. In place of the outdated patterns Gay's clients find new and positive ways that add balance to their life.

What is Transformational Kinesiology?

TK is a practical application of the Ancient Wisdom and is specifically designed for those who are awakening to soul consciousness. For more information visit the website

What is Brain Gym & Educational Kinesiology?

Brain Gym is a gentle, energizing program using movement to improve concentration, increase comprehension and enhance learning. Brain Gym is part of Educational Kinesiology (Edu-K), a brilliant synthesis of discoveries from the health, education and personal growth fields.

The outstanding results of Brain Gym have been documented world-wide. Brain Gym® is a registered trademark of the Educational Kinesiology Foundation of North America. For more information visit the Brain Gym Website.

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Qualifications and Training:
  • B.SocSc (Human Services)
  • Educational & Transformational Kinesiologist
  • Brain Gym® Instructor, Optimal Brain Organisation and Visioncircles™ Instructor
  • Flower and Vibrational Essence Practitioner
  • Transformational Leadership Training
  • Family Skills Counsellor
  • Workplace Trainer
  • Reiki Practitioner
  • Action Plan Marketing Certified Coach
Member of:
  • Australian Kinesiology Association
  • Brain Gym International
  • Brain Gym Australia
  • Flower Essence Society
Recipient of:
  • The Educational Kinesiology Foundation Award for Outstanding Achievement 2006

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