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Marketing With Heart - Get the most out of your business by using a range of empowering marketing techniques and strategies. Call Gay for more information!

What is Marketing With Heart?

Marketing with Heart is a program that will help you get really clear about your business, help you learn how to easily talk and write about your business and create marketing materials that work.

You will learn how to attract your perfect clients and make the money you want doing what you love.

This program is based on contribution, not selling, and fits perfectly with the service industry we are in. And I know it works.

Each time I have applied it to my own business I have doubled it and I endup offering better service and better results. However this is not just developed through my own experience - I have been trained by business and marketing experts and pass that information on to my clients to help them build a successful business that suits them.

Over a 6 month period my clients clarify their vision and are trained in a proven step by step process that enable them to attract all the clients they want and, because it is training, they can replicate anytime again in the future.

I offer one to one, small group workshops and home study options that help practitioners and solo-preneurs do exactly this. Call me on 0418 795 135 or make an enquiry

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Who would be interested?
  • Practitioners and therapists or those ready to start a practice and want techniques to get it going fast
  • People who have tried orthodox business systems without success, or those who are wanting a more heart centred way of operating
  • Solopreneurs who are doing what they love but want it to make more money
  • Those who find orthodox business plans and ways of doing business doesn’t fit with their values
  • Those who want to take their businesses to the next level and are ready to do some work to make it happen

What can a program cover?
  • Visioning your business – this is not an ordinary business plan. This is a way of looking at what you do and where you want to go and making sure it is in alignment with your purpose and the deepest part of yourself
  • Clarifying your BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal!) – and creating processes to get there
  • The important steps of having a business: Boring stuff like data bases, admin and cash flow – there are fundamental processes that many small business do not have in place, especially those that happened by accident. Without these growth becomes often too time consuming to be possible. Address it early and the next step in growing your business becomes easy
  • A simple way to market yourself, so you can know, without a doubt, that you are creating a solid flow of qualified clients
  • Understanding what effective marketing language is and how and when to use it
  • Creating marketing materials that sell without sounding pushy
  • Low cost and no cost ways to market yourself using your marketing ‘gift’ area. We all have gifted areas – including how we can promote our business. Honing that first means less stress and more success
  • A simple way to look at your business and work on it – not in it
  • Developing positive and useful mindsets and belief systems and learning simple techniques to let go of the old programming
  • Brain Gym techniques, used by many companies throughout the world to reduce day to day stress and to take heart centred action with ease
  • Developing your own business and marketing strategies that will get you on track to where you want to go, then the action plan that will help you get there
  • Accountability for all your actions. That means you gotta do it! Success is, in the end, about just doing it!
And most improtantly developing clarity and confidence in what you offer and being able to talk about it in a way that attracts your perfect clients everytime.

Why choose to work with us?

In addition to my certification in marketing coaching I am a practitioner who has done the hard yards. I know what it feels like to ‘try to sell myself’. And that was after a successful business and sales background.

Finding the processes I teach you was the transformation of my business. I doubled both my client intake and my income over the period I devoted to transformation. This was so obvious that my colleagues at Nurture Studio (where I was operating from) wondered what happened.

The combination of the energy of focus and change combined with the simple step-by-step processes was unbeatable. In fact, it was so amazing that I decided to train in the process so I could help others achieve the same fantastic results.

I love watching my clients go through the same process and then suddenly wonder how come they are so busy! Sometimes we even have to slow down on the program so they can keep up with all the business they have created! And it all happens so organically and easily that they just operate from the new, confident, business-with-heart place without stress.

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